Who We Are

Who we are

Today People changing their way of celebrating events. Now they want to do things in their on way and instead of going shop to shop or meeting people they prefer to search it on their smart phones. Because today that is one of the convenient way to get all the information .Wingding is providing you a platform to get them all here!

Our Vision

Create a healthy platform for customer-relationship in companies. Our mission is very simple i.e. To be the best event planner chain by fetching you the maximum customers at one platform i.e. PLAN YOUR EVENT. Here you will get a small deal to a big one. “PLANYOUR EVENT” will give you illimitable customers to propagate your business swiftly..

How It Works

“WingDing" integrates with the customer’s needs who are planning their events. The customers can easily get all the information about the place, its price and everything that you are offering. They will get all the information through this app and by using the contact they will directly approach you. It will do your marketing and will provide you customers too.