10 Amazing Tents That Redefine Outdoor Weddings

10 Amazing Tents That Redefine Outdoor Weddings

Nowadays everybody is going for outdoor weddings. Maybe it's because the outdoors are romantic and inviting or maybe you have a special destination for getting married.

All in can say is outdoor weddings are beautiful and unforgettable. To make your wedding memorable i have selected some amazing ideas. Just show your decorator these and ensure they accomplish the theme of your wedding.

1) Turkish Engraved Panels

You must agree that Turkish panels are taking over - And If they are engraved and carved amazingly, Guys, you all will into them. You can have sofas on the stage and chill out zones. This will create a royal feel.

2) Floral Print Vintage Canopies

You can create a unique boho look by just adding block prints under the tents. Adding on, To make it look elegant and classy, just keep them spaced out and effortless.

3) Mithai Pink Tenting

It can never be an Indian wedding without a little mithai pink. Agree?
Of course Yes!
Make it awesome with nice gotta borders and cute tea lights hanging.

4) Rainbow Tents

It's always a delight to use Multi-coloured tents. But you have to ensure the curtains are sheer and indulge the sky and not look odd.

5) Metal Tents

You may avoid them because they're heavy but it's all about filigree work. Trust me! They are actually super pretty, cute and awesome.

6) Dholki and Bulbs in a Retro Tent

Pretty Banarasi fabrics and retro bulbs can impact all the guest out there and make your photographs worth capturing. It will create a vintage look, so you have to make sure you light it up well.

7) Umbrella Canopy

Incorporating umbrellas as mini tents - that's so stylish and innovative.

8) Middle - Eastern Magic

Imagine some beautiful bright colors and lots of tassels. Well! What's not to love! Just incorporate some Arabian lamps and you are all set to rock the wedding!

9) White Bedouin Tents

Incorporate this idea for a desert wedding. You'll surely gonna love these pretty bedouin-y tents along with cute little cots and hookahs.

10) Strips Of Cloth Tent

This one is pretty an amazing idea for Wedding Tent Decoration. All you do to cover some of the part. make sure you didn't cover up the whole thing, just add strips of your wedding colors. Let the sunlight stream in.