10 Adorable Ways To Set Up Your Home For Roka Ceremony Within Budget

10 Adorable Ways To Set Up Your Home For Roka Ceremony Within Budget

Roka is done to announce the alliance between the bride and the groom officially. So, it is a very important function in Indian weddings.

Moreover, Decoration in an art and getting it right is a big task, especially for small functions. But these little things will help you get a perfect Roka Ceremony decoration on a budget!

So if you haven’t decided on the decoration. And still, have no idea from where to start then the below mentioned are the ideas which surely going to help you.

I hope you liked all these innovative Roka Ceremony Decoration ideas for home!

1. Evergreen Trinket & Bangles: Few strings of colorful trinkets will jazz up your Roka Ceremony. Incorporate colorful glass bangles and colorful ribbons tied in a string. The best thing is these glass bangles won’t cost you much. These will make a gorgeous backdrop for your Roka ceremony.

2. Bright Colorful Paper Lanterns: I am sure you will love the idea of bright lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Who wouldn't love this idea? This bold bright paper lanterns will make your Roka Ceremony more fun.

3. Roka Decorations With Honeycomb Balls: These gorgeous Honeycomb balls are one of the most versatile decorations. You can even color coordinate these balls and set up your place for Roka Ceremony.

4. Mesmerizing Backdrop : A bright colorful backdrop at your home, a perfect Roka ceremony decoration. Fresh flowers, bright color ribbons, ropes makes a beautiful combination.

5. Umbrella Corner: It is a creative innovative and quick touch decoration. Using colorful umbrellas with flower with fresh flowers looks so cute and eye catchy.

6. Classic Marigold: How can we forget our traditional decoration. For Roka ceremony decorate your home in a classic way, decorate every corner with marigold strands.

7. Beautiful Rangoli: Without Rangoli the ceremony decoration is incomplete. Beautiful flowers rangoli looks so elegant and adorable on the floor. You can even add some special effect with Diyas.

8. Dreamy Frames: You can create dreamy adorable frames and use it as the backdrop for your Roka ceremony. You can also use it as a small photo booth corner & let your guests take tons of pictures.

9. Flowers and Drapes: Combining drapes and flower will give you a beautiful backdrop. It looks beautiful in photographs. Add beautiful bright colors, I bet you wouldn’t keep your eyes off from it.

10. Play With Lights: Right lightning create the perfect effect by hanging pretty fairy lights from the ceiling or decorating the table. This will create a perfect spot in the house. You can even use leftover glass bottles.

Roka is done to announce the alliance between Bride and Groom officially. It is basically the very first wedding function. Wedding decoration is an art and getting it right is a big task. But these ideas mentioned above are from highly experienced and professional Wedding Planners. Pocket friendly and innovative, We hope that it will surely help you with wedding decoration for home!