10 Beautiful Wedding Tent decoration Ideas

10 Beautiful Wedding Tent decoration Ideas

If there’s one thing that makes the outdoor wedding the most beautiful then it has to be the use of colorful tents. From fairy like to cool looking tents, when decorated correctly, tents take your decoration game to whole new level, as they the biggest attracting things for your guests.

Tent decoration is in trend these days and liked by many people as they help setting up the entire mood for your wedding. It solely depends on your liking and creativity to blend, set up and decorate tents for your wedding to create the vibe you are going for. Here are some Creative and unique tent decoration ideas to help you out with your Wedding decorations.

1. Draped Fabrics

Make your wedding tent look beautiful by opting from a variety of draped fabric themes. From leg drapes to frame wraps to ceiling liners, there are a ton of way to incorporate draped fabrics in your decorations and give the venue a cleaner and much tidier appearance. Use of colorful drapes also adds a little fun to the décor.

2. Lighting Arrangement

Lighting is one such thing which you need to pay special attention on while preparing for your wedding as a good lighting arrangement enhances all other decorations made, and when done incorrectly can ruin even the best of the decorations.

Use of correct lighting will help you set the mood and ambiance for your wedding. Intelligently use globe lights or glow in the dark paint splatters to match the decorations and create the best looking sight out of it.

3. Linen Selection

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding, the use of correct Linen always leaves a big impact on your guests. Depending upon the theme for your wedding, you may choose the perfect type of linen with just the correct colors to go along.

4. Lanterns

It has been a tradition where people like to release sky lanterns to celebrate their special/ memorable days. And now this tradition has found a special place in people’s heart to add to their wedding decorations, as something as simple as a paper lantern can do wonders to add that unique touch to your wedding.

Not just paper lanterns, you can choose LED or fluorescent lanterns as well.

5. Chandeliers

Set up a Chandelier at the entrance or on your stage to turn things into a grand affair. This not just make your wedding look grand but also gives an old classic look.

6. Centerpieces

Use of a centerpiece has become quite popular as a wedding décor. Add centerpieces to your wedding tents or on the dining tables to give an elegant look to your wedding.

7. Floral Decorations

One inexpensive and most successful way of decorating your wedding tent is definitely used of flowers. Flowers come in many colors and correct use of which add brightness to the whole venue.

8. Bangles

Incorporate colorful bangles with your centerpieces or chandeliers, or by simply handing them from trees or at the entrance to make the decorations stand out from your guests have experienced in the past. 

Bangles strikingly stand out from the rest of the decorations and attract all the eyes.

9. Dolls

Traditional Kathputli dolls are reminiscent of the old era and typically relates with Rajasthani tradition. Use of them can add zest to the decorations and are a great idea.

10. Birdcage

Represent your soul getting locked in a lifelong relationship with your other half by decorating your wedding tend with handing bird cages.

This adds a vintage look to your wedding and takes the decorations to a whole new level, making the sight so special.

Take in mind your budget, likings, and options available to choose the between different ideas and make your special night perfect, leaving your guests with an astonishing sight and ambiance.