10 Cool Ways To Use Umbrellas As Decor At Your Indian Wedding

10 Cool Ways To Use Umbrellas As Decor At Your Indian Wedding

Wedding decoration with an umbrella is very underrated. But it is gaining popularity in most of the weddings. Most of the weddings are all about flowers, lights, and drapes. But, recently, the umbrella has gained priority. Addition of the umbrellas at the wedding just adorns the whole wedding venue. Thus umbrellas are not only used to block sun and rain but also used to decorate your wedding venue.

Below are the cool ideas to use an umbrella as decor in the Indian wedding. Have a look!

1. Shade the Aisle with Umbrellas

This is the cool as well as the smartest idea to incorporate in your wedding. Incorporating umbrella in the wedding will help to save your guest from the blazing sunlight. Provide them a shady walkway by decorating the venue with the colorful umbrellas. You can also incorporate embroidered umbrellas. This is also an appropriate idea for a beach wedding. This idea is a perfect inspiration for a summer wedding.

2. Create a photo booth from Umbrellas

You can create a photo booth from umbrellas. Here you can click pictures with your friends, family, and husband. Pick an attractive color combination and arrange them in such a way that it looks beautiful. This will create a flattering display of the wedding.

3. Ditch the Floral Bunting

Now floral bunting is not so popular in the wedding. Opt umbrella bunting to give a lively touch to the wedding venue. You can even include garlands and lights to give an enchanting look at the wedding venue.

4. Umbrellas as Centrepieces

Umbrellas are a nice choice for a cute centerpiece. Ornament the centerpiece with some paper and natural flowers, ribbons, pearls, light. This will help to upraise the decoration of the wedding venue.

5. Incorporate Parasols

Umbrella – parasols is another way of adding the wow element in the wedding venue. Use some craft on the umbrella and you are all set.

6. Incorporate umbrella decoration for the personal shoot.

Use conventional umbrellas in some creative way. Wake up your sleeping creative soul and create a beautiful backdrop for the pictures.

7. Umbrellas in poolside party

No, umbrellas are not just to save yourself from the rain or sun. They can do more. Spread out the umbrellas in the pool along with some flowers. This idea is suitable for a poolside reception party.

8. Overhead Centrepieces

This idea is a refreshing and tempting one. You can use the upturned umbrella and top up it with colorful flowers or with any other beautiful stuff. In fact, you can incorporate transparent umbrellas and fill them with fripperies. It will also give a traditional feel.

9. Seating Arrangement decor with the umbrellas

If the outdoor wedding is happening then you can hang the umbrellas along with a garland. It will give a cheerful look. You can shade the venue with the umbrellas to prevent the guest from the blazing sunlight.

10. Ceiling decor

Give a twist in the ceiling by decorating it with hanging umbrellas. You can tie them or drape them from the ceiling. Use flowers, fairy lights, and other decorating material to adorn the wedding venue. Also, you can use umbrellas as chandeliers in which you can stuff fresh beautiful flowers and lights.