10 DIY Mehndi Decoration Ideas At Home That Are Chic And Easily Done!

10 DIY Mehndi Decoration Ideas At Home That Are Chic And Easily Done!

A Mehndi ceremony is one of the most fun & lively functions of your wedding. So mehndi decoration should be on point because a lot of pictures being taken around and it also sets the right mood for the ceremony. So, here are some DIY mehndi decoration ideas, we have got just the right list for you.

1. Bird Cages

Get a few bird cages and incorporate them in your mehndi decoration. You can decorate them with some flowers. Decorate these with some flowers and you are all set with your awesome your mehndi ceremony!

2. The Glass Bottle Decor

DIYing some of the stuff can really incorporate oddity and affability to your mehndi! The best DIY mehndi decoration ideas are to incorporate glass bottles.

And the coolest way is to include beer bottles in the mehndi decoration. Just hang a few bottles on the ceiling with some fairy lights in it, and you are all set.

3. An all Yellow Decor

If you wanna have all yellow decor for your mehndi decoration at home, then we are sure that these gigantic vases form a part of every household and it’s really easy to clone.

4. With Interesting Props

Take some really striking and fascinating props will grab everyone’s eye and make your mehndi decor an affair to remember. These transparent umbrellas are really easy to find in the market and you can DIY some art on them.

Another DIYing props in mehndi decoration is to paint some really cool prints on kettles, some really creative & affordable mehndi decoration stuff that you can easily incorporate at your home!

5. Dream Catchers

Incorporate really furry and elegant dream catchers in your mehndi decoration. They make the wedding look really splendid.

If you are a total desi at heart, then you can use bicycle tyres to have a desi-take on them.

6. With some Pop Bright Colors

We can’t get over this colorful mehndi decor because they set the much-needed vibrant mood for a mehndi ceremony. The best thing is that the whole decor is so bright and colorful with along with bright and quirky props.

It makes the theme is perfectly balanced. So use some really colorful clothes and add in the props to replicate this mehndi decoration idea at home.

7. Mehndi themed Candles

These themed candles are looking very cool.  Aren’t they?

We say these interesting candles add a touch of elegant style to your mehndi decor and set the right mood for your mehndi function. This DIY mehndi decoration idea is pretty simple. All you have to do is just incorporate mehndi to the candles and not to your hands: P.

8. Mehndi themed Cake

Now this dhol cake has to be most quirky mehndi decoration idea that we have come across! So get your creative juices flowing and bake yourself a delicacy!

9. Bangles Art

Bangle art is another colorful and creative DIY mehndi decoration idea. You can hang all your old bangles from the strings, at the ends of your flower hangings.

You can even hang them on the trees. We think that this one has to be the easiest DIY mehndi decoration idea at home.

10. With a lot of Tassels

This excessive use of tassels in the mehndi decor while incorporating different shades of pink makes it talk of the wedding. You can use these tassels in bulk at a really economical rate and make them a part of your splendid mehndi decoration.

Yes, we know you are really appreciating us for putting up these DIYs mehndi decor ideas for your 2019 wedding that are really easy to pull off.