10 Must-Have Wedding Pictures to get with your Bridesmaids

10 Must Have Wedding Pictures to get with your Bridesmaids

The wedding may come and go like a wave in the sea but wedding photographs are the memories which stay with you forever. Wedding photographs remind you of cherished moments with the family and friends. It all depends on the photographer you have chosen. So, make sure you choose the right photographer for your D-DAY. It’s better to make a wedding checklist so that you remind all the moments you want to capture at your wedding.

There is some specific pose that everyone wants in their wedding album, for example, a wedding portrait with your friends, some mischievous moments, complete family portrait, hanging dress and jewelry, wedding ring shots, etc. Bridesmaids are those who stay with you on the whole wedding, pampers you, and makes the whole wedding easier for you. They just want to see you happier because they know that you deserve no less than happiness. Capture each and every special moment with your bridesmaids.

We are sharing some of the unique and mandatory ideas which must be captured by your photographer.

Have a look at the ideas!

1. Lovey-Dovey moment: Your bridesmaid loves you. Then why not show them in the picture. Click the perfect moment i.e. the kiss of love. We think it is still worth the picture. Incorporate the moment in your wedding album.

2. Pamper the bride: Bridesmaids are there to pamper the bride. They make sure the bride is happy. Like the moment showing in the picture. Bridesmaids are making sure here mehendi didn’t ruin.

3. Bride’s Celebrity moment: When you see that the bride is ready, everybody wants to capture her first look as a bride. This is a perfect paparazzi moment for the bride. She feels no less than a bride. After all, it’s her big Day.

4. Bride’s squad Moment: This is a mandatory pose for the bridesmaids. When the squad is checking the bride and makes sure her maang tikka is on point, her jewelry is on point and don’t forget the lipstick. Capture this special moment of the bride with her squad.

5. Saying “Cheese” pose never go out of style: In our childhood, we use to click photos while saying cheese. Recreate the moment and say cheese while clicking the cheese moment. Do not miss the opportunity of capturing this special moment.

6. When she ENTERS: The moment when she enters the wedding hall. The moment which everyone wants to capture in their phone. In desi style, we can say “DIN SHAGNA DA” moment. Most brides prefer to play this song while entering the wedding hall.

7. A walk to Wedding Mandap: This is another special moment to capture. When the mandap time happens and your bride squad takes you to the mandap. It is a very special and senti moment for a bride.

8. Final Touchup to the bride: Before heading to the mandap, it is important to give a final touch up to the bride. And it is quite mandatory to capture this special moment with the bridesmaids. Help her in getting ready for her mandap ceremony.

9. When she all dolled up: When the bride is ready, click the photographs in different poses. Make sure you get ready before the ceremony starts so that you get the time to click the pictures in different poses.

10. When you adjust her Dupatta: Your sister and mother are no less than bridesmaids. Capture this moment they adjust your dupatta or jewelry. This is a moment which must be captured and be in your wedding album.

In the above ideas, we have shortlisted the best ideas which must be in your wedding album. Take the screen shots of your favorite ones and capture them in your wedding. Let us know which one is your favorite. We’d love to hear from you.