10 Stunning Stage Decor Ideas For Weddings

Center stage is one of the most important parts of any Indian wedding as it gets maximum attention. Hence, if you want to make your wedding talk of the town, then you must pay special attention to this area.

Here are some of the latest stage background décor trends to make your photos unique from the rest.

1. Lights and flower

A wedding is incomplete without light strings and fresh flowers. The combination of these two elements makes an elegant background for the Centre stage. You only need to get the entire stage covered with soft-colored curtains and place a string of lights along with some beautiful flowers to give an amazing festive look.

2. Bright hangings and drapes

Create a background of satin drapes along with strings of bright hangings or crystals which is another dreamy combination. You can choose any color of the drapes while the shiny crystals just add more power to the environment of celebrations.

3. Satin drapes

The drape of satin curtain across the center stage looks exclusive & elegant and verifies the statement “less is more”. Either choose pearly white drapes or choose as per your décor theme.

4. White and gold

White and gold drapes is another chic way to dress the background of a wedding stage. It looks rich and classy and goes well with the wedding functions.

5. Royal background

Colour of gold defines the Indian wedding. Artificial pillars and arches of this color give an elegant look to the wedding. In addition to this, the royal feeling enjoyed by you and your partner.

6. Red and gold

Red stands for love and gold stands for prosperity.  Nonetheless, the combination makes a remarkable backdrop for the Centre stage and gives you a royal feel.

7. White and pink

Drapes of pink and white satin create an elegant modish backdrop. Just have curtains of one of these colors, and to that, some interesting props, such as window panes, paisleys, etc., of the other color.

8. Pearly white

For a chic and classy feel, one can go for an all-white backdrop. A completely white background with white pillars and flowers will give the entire space a contemporary look.

9. Pastel shades

You can combine satin curtains of two different colors together with flowers as it adds a subtle look to the wedding decoration. Whereas, the colorful flower bouquets add romance and liveliness to the entire décor.

10. Flowers and satin

For a dramatic setup, you can go for a combination of flowers and satin. This combination gives the glamorous feel and adds a romantic touch.