10 Top Decoration Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Class Apart

10 Top Decoration Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Class Apart

Be it fascinating backdrops or elegant centerpiece, wedding decorators have the ability to make your wedding event venue awesome. These decorations help to make your wedding venue look like a million bucks. Following are the decoration ideas you can incorporate in your wedding.

1. Lavender Wedding Decor

There was the time when Marigold, roses, and orchids mostly used flower in a wedding ceremony. But nowadays, Lavender is replacing the traditional flowers and considered to be a symbol of love. It is also believed to bring good luck to the environment.

2. Use of Umbrella Prop in Wedding Decor

Use colorful umbrellas with intrinsic patterns that create a huge rage in the wedding decor trends. They can be incorporated in any setting. Be it outdoor or poolside, it helps you to make a fanciful theme at the wedding. Use different colors and patterns to incorporate intensity and hang them upside down for an amusing look.

3. Wedding Drapes

Colorful wedding drapes create outstanding decor. Mix and match four or five favorite bright shades for a desi rainbow look. Try to keep it subtle and minimalistic. You can combine drapes with flower along with lighting to incite elegance and healthy vibe.

4. Red, White and Gold Theme

The shimmer of the golden color along with accents of red and white creates a huge mark in the wedding theme. Indian brides wear red color to their wedding. So you can incorporate this color to match couple's outfit to the overall theme of the decor.

5. Power of Flower

You can create live perfumed backdrops with fresh flowers as your wedding backdrop. This idea is especially for those who are flower lover. They take the ambience of the venue to a whole new level.

6. Bollywood Style Wedding

Everyone does love the style and extravagance of Bollywood. If you are also a Bollywood fan then, celebrate your most special day in Bollywood style to have some fun.

Combine Bollywood elements with stage decor, invitations, cakes, photo booth and signboards for Sangeet ceremony.

7. Wedding Lights Theme

Lighting arrangements have always stolen the limelight. Now no serial bulbs are used in the wedding decorations. Now, Fairy lights led lights and projection lights are replacing the old style. These are sure to create oh-so-wow look with its stunning decor.

8. Modern Chandeliers

Chandeliers are mostly used in the mandap to grab the attention of the people and make the ambience grander by adding a lot of glam and appeal to the event with its flexible presentation and lighting which gives a unique feel to the venue.

9. Tent Wedding

For a perfect outdoor wedding decor, incorporate colorful tents. They are the best part of the ceremony. Use vivid color because they are captivating and have become a hot trend in wedding decor today.

10. Lanterns for an old world charm

Lanterns and candles bring a rustic and romantic vibe to the wedding decor. So, why not incorporate them.

Just hang them around the wedding space along with mellow lighting. It shows a dreamy and dramatic appeal. Be it indoor or outdoor this idea will surely make a great impact.