10 Trendy Ideas To Use Flowers In Your Wedding Decor For Perfect Wedding Picture

Using flowers to wedding decor never goes out of fashion. Flowers can be used to decorate the stage, mandap, tables, chairs, etc.

Here are 10 some unique Trendy Ideas To Use 'Flowers' In Your Wedding Decor For Perfect Wedding

1. Dupattas and Flowers at the Mandap

To decorate the wedding mandap, use red, orange, pink, or yellow  dupattas along with different flower garlands.

2. Chandelier

You opt classy chandelier to your wedding stage and decorate it with beautiful flowers like orchids, white lilies, and red roses for instance.

3. Tree with Flower Decorated Lanterns

Use an artificial tree as a centerpiece and hang empty lanterns to its branches. Decorate them with flowers.

4. Flower canopy

Flower canopy made up of fresh flowers can be used to decorate the stage and gives an amazing look.

5. Home decor

If the wedding takes place at your own home instead of a hall, here is your chance to decorate your home along with gates and windows with flower garland instead of lights.

6. Wood and floral decor for photos

Use your wooden wall and decorate it with some flowers and make it a selfie junction.

7. Beach Wedding

For a beach wedding decorate the wedding aisle with rose petals and give a chic look.

8. Table Centerpieces

Fresh flowers can be decorated and give them a shape of a tree, bouquet or any other shape that you like. You can place at the Centre of the table.

9. Hanging Flower Decorations on the Wedding Aisle

Hang lilies or orchid flowers with a string on the roof of the wedding mandap.

10. Swing with the Flowers


Use a swing as your wedding stage instead of a couch or a sofa. Decorate the swing with garlands of white, red or marigold flowers.