15 Fusion Indian Street Food Items to Serve At Your Wedding

15 Fusion Indian Street Food Items to Serve At Your Wedding

Fusion food is the epitome of traditional flavors and modern dining as well. Many caterers nowadays days are experimenting and serving some new line of food presentation and combination. And these results have completely left us enthralling and mouthwatering:

1. A wonderful way to present classic Aloo Tikki along with spicy Mint Chutney

2. Thai Satay Sticks presented in a shot glass – We know you love the shots.

 3. Finger size Tokri Chaat along with edible flowers – Slurp! Slurp!

4.  Bite-size tacos – A perfect appetizers

 5. Spaghetti nests served with Mushroom Sauce is all you want.

6.  A lovely way to present the Dimsums.

7.  Soup platter in Mini Cups to quench the appetite.

 8. Spoon holding the Malai Khurchan Kababs.

9.  Vol Au Vents packed with feta cheese and pea shoots.

10.  Forget the old school Khomchas. Serving the Chat in a new fashion.

 11. Vanilla Pannacotta adorned with Caramelized Pistachios.

 12. Toothsome Caramel Custard.

 13. Extremely a unique way of serving the cool-cool Ice lollies.

14.  Tacos as desserts are the way to go.

 15. Stacked Mini Pancakes are the pure delight.

Are you also digging on these mouth-watering fusion food items like I am?