15 Romantic Wedding Lighting Ideas to Make You Swoon

Wedding lightening can do a lot more than that to create ambiance. It is one of the hottest wedding ideas to add a tinge of romance on your big day.

Wedding light brings life to your event a highlight your wedding no matter what your wedding theme is. Nothing can transform a space like the right lighting.

So, peeps, I have put together some of my favorite ideas for you. Let's get inspired by all these magnificent lighting ideas I have listed below.

1) Light Up Love Sign - Give your guests something to talk about because it adds something a bit different to your wedding.

2) Aisle Markers - Remember to light-up the aisle to elicit a romantic and cozy setting. This is one of the favorite weddings lighting ideas.

3) Bistro Lights: Bistro Lights is a flexible way to add a bit of magic to any type of venue. It brings guests' eyes upward.

4) Tented Stands: For a spectacular look, adjust top reception tent with dozens of draped light strands, creating a magical effect for the wedding.

5) Edison Bulbs: For a modern look, just go for it!! Hang them vertically on the feeling to make the whole room glow.

6) Glam Chandlers: Illuminate the walls of your venue with glam chandlers, brings fairytale touch to make your wedding.

7) Antlers: Don't underestimate the power of Antlers. It adds a romantic and marvelous ambiance.

8) Candle Altar: Candle Altar give a tinge of charming and impressive look to the venue. After all, it is stunningly beautiful.

9) Wall Projection: To add an ultra-personal element to your wedding decor - Opt Custom gobo. It oozes a classic factor to your wedding.

10) Mason Jars: The mason jars is the gift of pure elegance. It can enhance the beauty of the surrounding natural beauty.

11) Luminaries: Floating luminaries create a phenomenal look. Combine Luminaries with pool, fountain or other water feature to rock the game.

12) Dance Floor: Illuminated dance floor helps to condiments the atmosphere and gives a striking impact.

13) Illuminated Letters: Self-publicize your last name with a glimmering sign featuring dotted letters.

14) Hall of Chandeliers: Dozen of a chandelier hanging in a wedding brings a captivating look to the venue. So, why stop for one chandelier when can you have dozens?

15) A hint of Patina: If you are up for a shabby chic or French aesthetic, Chandeliers with light brown patina will be winsome.