15 Stunning & Magical Ceiling Decor Ideas to Ace your Wedding Decor

15 Stunning & Magical Ceiling Decor Ideas to Ace your Wedding Decor

Our guilty pleasure is to get into the teeny-weeny elements of the wedding decor. And we're proud of it because even the tiniest of elements make the entire decor outshine the rest. It's as they say, "it all lies in the details."

Be it defining the uniqueness between the cutesy centerpieces & huge centerpieces or be it bragging about the raging printed floors to specific floral mandap's and indoor decorations, we ain't leaving anything behind. For this time, submerging us completely in their endearing and unblemished appeal are the unique ceilings decor. From the bar ceiling, a mandap or stage ceiling or the entrance & walkways, ceilings at a wedding venue are way more than just drapes.
We know you won't be able to resist yourselves from ideating your wedding decor around these unique ceiling decor ideas.

Stunning & Unique Ceiling Decor Ideas for a Beautified Wedding Decor:-

1. More than 200 disco balls setting the vibe for a striking sangeet night.

2. One of the best ceiling decor ideas with the topping of fairy lights and cage lanterns.

3. Opt pastel-hued frilled drapes and & hanging butterflies for a dreamy fairyland mehendi setting.

3. An angelic and flawless ceiling decor idea with cascading beaded strings and shimmery embellishments.

4. Scalloped drapes blended with gorgeous chandeliers or cascading elements.

5. A scintillating roof done with hanging mirror strings!

6. Fairy light stuffed hanging terrariums and foliage makes this ceiling such a bizarre one.

7. Hand made ceiling with lit up hanging lotuses and floral's.

8. An enchanting amped up ceiling for a pre-wedding circus party with elements like hot air balloons, disco balls, buntings and lights.

9. A wooden dining setting with light-hued canopied floral ceiling decked up with fairy lights.

10. Frilled wavy drapes with the perfect lighting creates this ceiling as a rainforest themed reception!

11. Fancy up the ceilings with dream-catchers is one of the most fascinating ceiling decor ideas.

12. Opt this eye-pleasing unique foliage baskets hanging upside down from the ceiling.

13. Cascading glitter strings exciting the entire decor. A unique and interesting ceiling decor idea!

14. Mandap setting with sparkling and shining ceiling of foliage and bells.

15. Hang rose and bulb for a perfect dreamlike outdoor ceiling.