8 Candle Decoration Ideas to Light up Your Wedding Decor

8 Candle Decoration Ideas to Light up Your Wedding Decor

Everybody has dreamt of their fairytale wedding. It looks all happy and playful in the dream. But if you want to convert your dream into reality, you need to work on it. You need to think of some creative and innovative ideas to make your dream wedding happening. The wedding decor is the most essential part of weddings. In this post, we are also sharing you some candle decoration ideas which can up the wedding decor game.

These candles will light up whole wedding decor. Be it a centerpiece or be it a photo booth. Candle decoration rocks every single corner of the wedding decor. Now it’s up to you that how you will going to utilize the candles. One thing we can promise that you will not regret it. Let’s move on to the ideas. Have a look!

Wax candles in Wedding Decoration

Wax candles are a great choice for wedding decoration. But it is mandatory to use these candles carefully because it can be dangerous if not used carefully. This is the reason why they are always used in jars or teacups. They are basically used to prevent unexpected disaster. We are sharing some of the wedding decor ideas using wax candles. Choose any of the ideas and incorporate in your wedding.

1. Wax candles as a Centrepiece

It is the most obvious choice to place the wax candles on the top of the table as a beautiful centerpiece. Put these candles in the jar or glasses to prevent any mishappening. Place a gorgeous and fresh flower surrounded by the centerpiece.

These fresh and gorgeous flowers create the right ambiance for the event. In fact, no need to create a separate photo booth. Guests will take the photos right at the table itself. They will surely get the perfect profile pictures for their Facebook and Instagram account.

2. Floating Candle Decor for a Poolside Wedding

This idea is an apt choice if you are hosting a cocktail party or mandap by the poolside. Incorporate this idea in your wedding and make your guest awestruck with the decor. You have to use the thermocol base to make the candles float on the water. This idea will not cost you much.

You have to decorate the thermocol with the flowers to make it attractive. You can even show this image to the florist so that he gets the idea.

3. A Specific Spot for the Candles

There is another way to incorporate the candles in your wedding decor. You can choose a specific corner where you can place a beautiful table and decorate it with a combination of flowers and candles.

Make sure the decoration gives the vintage vibes. Do consider the theme in mind before decorating the corner.

4. Hanging Wax Candles as Wedding Decor

Do you find the image enchanting as we do? If yes, then screenshot the idea and incorporate in your wedding. It looks so whimsical and dreamy. Not only it will make the wedding decor attractive but also makes your wedding album beautiful.

This is such a unique idea. Use some fresh flowers for decoration as shown in the picture. It creates the right ambiance for the event.

5. Candles as giveaways for the Guests

Ditch the regular idea of giving sweets box to the guest and opt for this idea. Candles not only used as a wedding decor but also used as giveaways.

You can choose beautiful and different types of candles with a beautiful quote written on it or a simple thank you tag from the bride and groom.

Artificial Candles as Wedding Decor

Apart from wax candles, these artificial candles are a great choice for wedding decor. They create beautiful decorations and avoid unexpected disasters as well. There are several decoration ideas can be created from these artificial candles. They do not create any mishappening so you can put them anywhere. Below are some of the ideas to incorporate artificial candles in the wedding decor. Have a look!

1. Artificial Candles as a Photobooth

Create a selfie point with the candles. The soft glow of the artificial candles gives you the perfect insta-worthy picture. Artificial candles help the guest to take the pictures freely as they do not have flames. This is one of the best artificial decoration we’ve seen so far. Agree?

2. Artificial Candles at the Entryway

An entryway is a way from where the guest will enter the venue. So it must look beautiful. Decorate the whole entryway with the candles so that it glows up with the candles. This picture looks beautiful. You can even incorporate chandeliers and hanging candles to light the ceiling as well.

3. Decorate the Staircase with the Artificial Candles

Why leave staircases if every corner of the venue is lighted up with the candles. This is a nice idea to decorate the staircase with artificial candles. You can put the candles with the combination of flowers around it. You can even take the inspiration from the picture as well.

You can also incorporate these ideas to your wedding. Wingding decorates and plan weddings and deliver the best value possible to its customers. Contact us and make your dreamy wedding successful.