8 Indian Wedding Themes to Serve As Wedding

8 Indian Wedding Themes to Serve As Wedding

Wedding is probably the best day of anyone’s life and everyone wants to make their big day special and perfect. And to make that day perfect we all prepare for it in advance, since there is a lot to be done in an Indian wedding. To streamline your preparations, you should decide upon a wedding theme to your liking and prepare accordingly. From costumes to the wedding venue to catering, everything depends upon the theme that you are going to choose for your wedding. This makes it fairly easy for someone to associate the celebrations to the wedding theme.

So what all themes can you go for? Well, the options are endless but we will help you with a few of the most popular Indian theme wedding planning decoration ideas to serve as Wedding inspiration for you.

1. Fairytale Wedding

If your Love Story revolves around a boy meeting a girl and falling in love with each other, there is no better way to express this perfect story than going for a fairytale themed wedding.

Venue: Go for either an outdoor venue or an indoor venue and convert it into a fairytale sight using flowers, chandeliers, starry lights, etc. You may have your wedding planned to add swans to an artificial lake to things to a bigger level.

Décor: You can have placards placed at the entrance saying “Welcome to a land far away” and things like tiaras/wigs/wings lying around for your guests to try out. Your guests will definitely thank you for fun time and pictures that they are going to have at the end of the day. Use colors like white, pink, peach and pastels for your decorations.

Outfits: Similar to the décor, use colors like white, pink, peach and pastels for your outfits. You may also wear a tiara with a long gown on your reception.

Couple Songs: Start your reception by enacting a scene from your favorite fairy tale like the Cinderella’s shoe fitting scene and choose romantic love songs for your couple dance.

2. Royal Wedding Theme

Make your wedding majestic, grand and royal by opting for a Royal wedding theme and feel a royal couple on your big day.

Venue: A Royal themed wedding requires nothing less than a Palace. Book the venue in a hotel resort, heritage property, or popular destination wedding locations like Udaipur, Hyderabad etc. Drop the DJ and opt for live Shehnai and Nagada Players. And acts like Bridal and groom’s traditional grand announcement entries will add a little touch of drama to the theme as well.

Outfits: Pick up some Nizami Bridal Magazines and go for heavy zardosi work on your chosen lehengas with a khada dupatta and Accessorize with diamond jewellery. Grooms can go for Silver embroidered Sherwanis paired with matching juttis and a kripan to accessorize with.

Food Menu: With a royal themed wedding, the royal food menu is a must. Choose a wedding menu with appropriate food and drinks to match your royal-themed wedding, with food served in Handis and drinks served in metallic Surai.

3. Lucknowi Themed Wedding

Make your Nawabi fantasy come to life with a classic Lucknowi themed wedding.

Venue: A heritage property, Haveli, or a banquet hall decorated perfectly for Lucknowi themed Wedding.

Décor: Use antique centerpieces, lanterns, chandeliers, colored glasses to give your wedding a Mughal style. For flower decoration, use red roses.

Events: Have your Guests welcomed with Ittar sprays and gajras to create the ambiance of a Lucknowi themed wedding as soon as they enter the venue. Hire sangeetkars to perform Ghazals and Nazms during the ceremony to set the mood of your guests.

Outfits: Go for Anarkali dresses made up of mostly Lucknowi chicken for all your major ceremonies like Haldi, mehendi and sangeet, Accessorized with kundan and gemstones. The groom can also wear an embroidered chicken kurta.

Food Menu: Your wedding menu for a Lucknowi themed wedding should be based on Authentic Awadhi Cuisine including dishes like famous Tunday Kebabs and Lucknowi Biryani.

4. Rajasthani Themed Wedding

A Rajasthani themed wedding is very popular among all the Indian wedding themes. Here’s how you can theme your wedding:

Venue: Outdoor Locations expertly decorated in traditional Rajasthani style is all you need.

Décor: Use Colorful folksy décor like bolsters and cushions for a low floor seating instead of chairs or sofas. Decorate with things like Bandhani printed drapes, clay pots, clay wind chimes, wooden kathputli dolls.

Events: Arrange Traditional Rajasthani Folk song and dance performances for your sangeet. And you may also organize puppet shows for your guests’ entertainment.

Outfits: The bride can wear Traditional Rajasthani Lehengas accessorized with Gota or Kundan Jewellery while the groom can go for Jamawar Sherwani with zari, beads or stonework and a silk turban accessorized with a stone ornate.

Return Gifts: For can gist your guests in return with Rajasthani Jewelry boxes, pottery items or dress materials.

5. Beach Themed Wedding

The wedding is really hectic and tiring things to plan, but what if you could also enjoy vacations along with your wedding.

Venue: Go for a destination wedding by booking a beach resort or hotel as your wedding venue.

Décor: Decorate the venue with colorful umbrellas, chairs, hats, scarves and sunglasses for your guests.

Events: Have jazz, calypso music and belly dance performances organized for your Sangeet or cocktail party. Have your guests wear Hawaiin style costumes and luaus for creating a summery Vibe. A rain dance can also be organized for your guests to be drenched in the mood. Organize beach games and contests for your guests’ entertainment.

Outfits: Go for light or sea blue colored clothes with minimal jewelry for the wedding day and summery, floral dresses for other events.

6. Green Themed Wedding

Do the something for the society and environment while celebrating your big day by opting for a green themed wedding.

Venue: Any eco-friendly location with minimal waste or need of extra resources.

Décor: Decorate your wedding venue with dupattas, drapes, sarees, and stoles. For lighting, you may use candles, clay lamps, glass reflectors, etc.

Return Gifts: Gift plant pots and sapling in return to your guests and ask them to donate generously to any charity organization instead of getting gifts for you.

Waste Management: Contact an NGO for the excess food to be collected and distributed among the needed.

7. Indoor Garden Themed Wedding

This type of theme wedding is most suitable for monsoons and sultry summers.

Décor: Use ferns and flowers as hangings and danglers for the wedding stage. Place flower pots and indoor plants around the wedding venue. Keep small pots as a centerpiece for the dining tables. Use artificial grass carpets for the whole venue, and you may also ask your wedding planner to organize an artificial lake or pond with fishes.

Outfits: Wear lightly colored lehengas for the wedding day with minimal jewelry and groom can go for lightly colored sherwanis with matching turban and minimal jewelry. Use floral styled costumed for all other events. Botanical jaimala design goes perfectly with this theme as well.

Music: Ask your DJ to play nature sounds like bird chirps as an ambiance noise through the ceremony.

8. Forest Themed Wedding

Perform your wedding ceremony and eternal vows in nature’s lap with this nature filled Forest wedding theme.

Venue: A jungle themed resort or forest bungalow/ cottage can be book for a forest themed wedding.

Décor: Use wooden logs for seating arrangements for your guests and rusty looking wooden tables for dining.

Events: A river or a lake are good spots to tie the holy knot, in front of. You may also organize bonfires for Sangeet and cocktail parties, and camping activities for your guests.

Outfits: For a creating a smooth blend with the forest environment, wear different shades of green like olive, avocado, bottle or henna.

Food Menu: Add local veggies and fruits to the wedding menu, freshly caught fish and meat dishes also go along with the theme.

Before you start preparing for your wedding, you must go through as many wedding catalogs and websites to select the most appropriate the theme for your wedding. This is the biggest day of your life and you should make it perfect by adding surprising events, quirks, and decors, so that you can have the most memorable night of your life.