8 Romantic Rose Mehendi Designs for Your Wedding Celebration

8 Romantic Rose Mehendi Designs for Your Wedding Celebration

The embodiment of romance and the iconic symbol of love, roses will never be outdated because of the poetic meaning they carry. Incorporate a dash of this rhythm to your henna and choose those rose Mehendi designs for your wedding celebration. We have gathered a collection of some quirky, some classic and some completely out-of-the-box rose Mehndi designs for you. After all, what better way to show love than with roses?

Something Brilliant for Your Toes

1. A Bed of Roses

When you have your very own rose petals with every step then who wants a bed of rose petals laid down for you. This mehendi design is a rare sight. We bet you have not seen this mehendi design and anything like this before. These bold bunches of elegant roses make up to be a classy design with a sprinkle of quirk. This inspiration is dedicated to you if you are a millennial bride of mystery and breaks the cliché norms of the society.

2. A Budding Jaal

Jaal has always been an eminent part of Indian traditions. Be it ensemble or bridal jewellery or even decor, you see them everywhere. They can be present in their most delicate and endearing form. And Mehndi designs are no exception to this. Include a lavish yet captivating Jaal design with a dash of rosebuds weaving through to create a design that is worthy of the divine bride.

3. A Dash of Romance

Add a dash of romance to any Mehendi design by incorporating a few rose flowers in the pattern. You do not need to go overboard, a small one here and a large one there will do the magic. Finish the pattern by incorporating the classic symbol of royalty – a peacock. And the whole design will come together with the help of a few rhythmic whirls.

4. Flamboyant Florals

Uniting all the splendid designs shared above to make the ultimate stunner. This gorgeous rose Mehendi design has a dash of whirls, a sprinkle of roses and a whole dollop of intricate Jaal pattern. It gives it a poetic floral look in line with the beautiful occasion. Your toes will look decked up all ready for your wedding day.

Something Beyond the Ordinary for Your Hands

5. Sparkling Roses

The Jaal designs are not only for your feet but hands as well. They look absolutely beautiful. Take the rose Mehendi design with Jaal up a notch by adorning it with the glitter of rhinestone body stickers. The fun spirit of the design will be a perfect match for the quaint spirit of our Mehendi function and out-of-the-box. Unique photoshoot with this rose Mehendi design is an added bonus.

6. Hearts and Roses

Give the elucidation of love a literal essence by using motifs of heart and roses in your bridal Mehendi design. There is no better way of sharing the spirit of love in the air than a bold yet stylish display of the zeal of love on the wedding day. Blend this in with vintage patterns of paisley, flowers, peacock and the iconic whirls to finish your rose Mehendi design.

7. For the Love of Roses

If love and romance are the first things in your mind, then this rose Mehndi design is the one for you. Bold rose flowers are the highlight of this design and are surely a showstopper in this category. Keeping the focus on the roses, finishing touches to this design are added with motifs of leaves, paisleys, bails and swirls. This should be a part of your rose mehndi designs list for inspiration.

8. Roses and More

Saving one of the best for the last. This rose mehendi design is perfect for the millennial minimal bride with a dash of quirky personality. A bold rose pattern towards one side of the hand is there to make talk of the town and catch the eye towards it. The intricacy of the design united with floral motifs makes this design truly one of its own kind. The ring embellished by the bride does absolute justice to the classy rose Mehendi designs she flaunts.

Now that we have exploded and inspired the creative fire in you, get down to picturing your own rose Mehendi design for your big day.