All the Things Your Wedding DJ Can Do (Besides Play Music)

What is a wedding DJ's job?? Does he come for play the music?? 


A wedding DJ can do much more besides playing the music.

If you want to make your wedding a memorable day, your wedding DJ will make that happen. Wedding Dj can make or break your wedding. So, hiring a professional DJ is a must-do task.

Below is the list you probably don't know your wedding DJ can do - aside from playing the music.

1) Helps To Administer The Schedule Of The Day - Wedding planner creates the wedding day schedule, a professional wedding DJ will certainly help, since he/she knows how the long certain function will take. Wedding DJ is liable for executing and administering the schedule during the wedding function and make announcements to ensure that every event takes place on time.

2) Provide Sound Equipment: Your wedding DJ will have to cover high quality and working sound equipment. This is a must-do task. Without microphones and speakers, your guests won’t be able to hear your best man's toast, dinner is being served, first-dance song and most importantly your first introduction as a married couple.

3) (May) Supply Lighting: Many wedding DJs offer uplighting as a part of their services. These lighting systems can be placed on the floor and light upwards to give an outstanding view to your tables and dance floor. Do ask the wedding DJ about it and ask him to include this in your package.

4) Make Sure All Equipment Working:  Wedding DJ has to make sure that all equipment works well. Guest should not face the problem of music or any malfunctioning of the equipment. That can also do a sound check before the beginning of the function to make sure everything works properly. 

5) Sets The Mood: A skilled DJ know how to light up the mood by playing the right song at the right time. If you want your party to be a total power pack, they'll know the right playlist to take guests on the dance floor. Your DJ should know how to create the perfect mood by reading the mood of the guests and play accordingly.

6) Helps You Choose Songs: If you're struggling to pick perfect song for the wedding - Your DJ is the key.

He knows which song will work and which not and is not up to date. It's better to meet him before the wedding to make your songs select. 

7) Serves as Emcee: Wedding DJ can play the role of emcee who will make announcements and ensure that guests are aware of what's going on and what's next. It's more authoritative and professional and will help to proceed functions smoothly.

8) Can Create Mashups And Song Cuts: Want to create mashups for your wedding dance? Your wedding DJ is the right person. A DJ can create mashups, song cuts and remixes for you. Your family dance, friends' surprise dance and what not - he will customize it all.

9) Cover Up Hiccups: As I said, DJ's are the makers or breakers of your perfect wedding. Things may go wrong at the wedding but fortunately, wedding DJs can get things on track. For instance, it's the time to serve the dinner but dinner is not ready yet. So what DJ can do is to keep the guests busy in dancing to care that the food's not ready. Your guest will not notice any mishaps when you have got an experienced wedding DJ.