Best Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas for 2019

Best Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas for 2019

To capture your dream day to its best, you need to organize wedding ceremony well in advance with everything to your satisfaction, as you don’t want to look back to your wedding photographs only to find faults in them. And you do you know which spot at the wedding the venue is the one where most photographs would be taken? It is your reception stage, where you will have to sit for a good number of hours have pictures with all your guests, and of course the Jai Mala the event as well.

So you want the Reception Stage to be as beautiful as possible but since every person has a different taste and choice, there is not a single the answer to the most perfect theme or idea for your Reception Stage decor. We will be going through a list of some of the best decor ideas for your Reception Stage.

1. Out of a Fairytale Floral Decoration

Solomon Management is one of the bests when it comes to Floral decoration for your reception stage. Their work is surreal and can create wonders at your Wedding Reception.

2. The Magic that Red & Gold Creates

For anyone who adores the classic Indian Wedding theme, the combination of colors Red & Gold can never go wrong for you. These give the most festive feel there is to your guests and the Wedding Photographs.

3. Mixing up some Flowers with Bright Colors

If you want to brighten the stage then add some colorful fabrics to the Reception stage Decor along with some subtle colored flowers, so that things don’t get too loud and the added contrast adds a hint of color to the scenery.

4. Maroon & Gold: Another Magic Color Combination

If you don’t like to add flowers to your Wedding Reception Stage then this kind of Decor idea is what you need. Your Reception The stage is going to look like it came right from an Indian Palace with some added chandeliers in the background.

5. White Screams Elegance!

From the background to the carpet to the flowers, an all-white themed Wedding is the most Classy and Elegant as it can get.

6. The Mesmerizing Night Sky

For all the hatke couple, a Night Sky themed decor will surely make you get the feeling of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. It looks stunning and will surely catch the eyes of your guests.

7. The Traditional Themed Indian Wedding

An old school classic with Golden arches, royal sofas, and matching flowers might be an old design but it still never fails to impress the guests.

8. A Mandap-Cum-Reception Convertible Stage

This kind of decoration is for you if you have wanted to have got a little space at the wedding venue or just want to save some money. A beautiful white colored decor with the gazebo-like the structure can be turned into a reception stage by replacing the hawan kund with royal chairs after the Pooja ceremony is finished.

9. Candles on a White Themed Stage

Setup the background with a shelf full of candles with some white drapes and flowers to match with the theme and not just you but your guests will also fall in love with your wedding decorations.

10. Classic Indian Theme but with Blue Color

With a Royal sofa in the front, Paisley and blue drapes in the backdrop, Golden lanterns or chandeliers on either side, the classical Indian theme is taken to another level of charm.

11. Lighting that goes with an already Stunning Floral Decoration

Sometimes flowers alone just don’t make the cut when it comes to your liking for your Wedding’s Reception Stage. If that’s the case with you then a little shimmer on these floral decorations will brighten the mood and feel of the stage.

12. The Royal Wedding

Almost all colors go along with a white theme but the one that turns it into a Royal Theme is Gold. A combination of these two colors is nothing less the sights of heaven. Give your Reception stage royal vibes by placing some crystal chandeliers and white flowers with a gold accented sofa in the front.

13. Palace Themed Reception Stage

The sheer beauty of sight of something that looks like a part of some Royal Palace is just magnificent. Combine the use of Royal Chairs with Palace like Arches colored in white and gold, with backdrops colored in Purple.

14. The Organic Theme Reception Stage Decoration

Give your Reception stage a theme full of Greenery, freshness, and simplicity. If you like flowers but are more tilted towards the greener side then this decoration idea is the best for you. Use of Blooms, bushes, etc., gives your reception stage a very soothing and natural feel.

15. The Pastel Theme of the World of Elegance

Keep it simple, minimal and tasteful at the same time to make your reception stage Gorgeous with a Modern Classic look. The use of Pastel colors like Pink, Mauve, Cream, Light grey, etc., makes things soothing for the eye and Screams elegance from the core.

These are just some of the Ideas that you can go with when it comes to the decoration of your Wedding’s Reception Stage, but remember that everyone has a different taste and should stick to what they feel is the best for them. So maybe even invent new themes of your own, add things related to your Love story to the decor, all things you ever dreamt of for this special day.