Creative Ring Ceremony Ideas & Inspiration For Your Function

Creative Ring Ceremony Ideas & Inspiration For Your Function!

The ring ceremony is the function when two couple announces and mark their big decision. It is the beginning of their new journey as a couple. They invite their friends and families and celebrate together. The ceremony is followed by various rituals. They exchange their rings and decide to live together forever. This ring ceremony is the pre-wedding ceremony in the Indian culture.

Thus it is not only special for the couple but also special for their family and friends. It is a kind of exchanging pledges between the families that the groom’s family will accept their daughter and will be responsible for her future happiness. Nowadays, the couple not only plans their wedding but also plan the ring ceremony in a different way. In this post, we are sharing some of the creative and innovative ideas for your ring ceremony. These ideas will make your ceremony extra special and memorable.

It is better to organize the teeny weeny stuff in advance so that you can plan the event well. It will help to execute the event in a better way. Make a list of everything you need and so that you have a clear idea. You can also go through some blogs so that you have new ideas to host the event. Read some of the latest wedding magazines and screenshots the fresh ideas. You can even take ideas from Pinterest and save the pins you find good. After researching all the ideas, choose the best one and incorporate in your wedding.

1. Select a Relatable Theme

Ditch the traditional ideas. Go for something unique. Select a relatable theme and incorporate in the ring ceremony. Open the fuse bulbs and come with a creative an innovative idea. There are various themes which you can incorporate in the event. If you are a Bollywood fan, you can go for a Bollywood theme. If you still believe in fairy tales then why don’t you opt for a fairy tale wedding.

After deciding the theme, decide the elements which match with the theme. You have to select the invitation, decoration or attire of the whole function which matches with the selected theme.

2. Decorate the Rings in a Unique way

This moment is extra special. Why? Because the whole event is about the exchange of the rings. So why not make it extra special and unique. Ditch the regular way of presenting the rings in a decorated thali and opt some new one. Don’t know about others but we are getting bored with it. Go for some innovative ideas. You can opt for a beautifully decorated bird cage, decorated cushion, etc.

You can take a small basket as displayed in the image and hang a beautiful small Kaleera above the basket. This such a beautiful and innovative idea. But make sure the way of presenting the ring should match the theme of the wedding.

3. Choose the right songs play-list for the event

Choose the right songs playlist for the event. Tell the DJ to play the respective songs at the time of couple entry, at the time of couple exchange the rings and when the couple dances with the family and friends. You can even prepare a special dance number with your partner or family or friends. This will make the event memorable for everyone.

4. An outdoor setting is always refreshing

Outdoor settings are always nice for any event. Imagine a ring ceremony in a gorgeous lush green garden or in a poolside or at a beach. Any outdoor setting which fills a natural backdrop to the event. Outdoor setting always looks refreshing and beautiful. No need for creating a photo booth backdrop of the event. None can match the natural backdrop of an outdoor setting. Your photos will look beautiful from every corner.

5. Incorporate elements related to your love story

Now, this is something very romantic and special. You can include some elements which are related to your love story and make the event more special. For example, you can create a photo gallery which shows the moments you shared together. You can even create a special moment gallery where you will display the “first-time moments” of your relationship. Like when you guys purpose each. When you said yes. When you had your first kiss etc. Incorporate these ideas and awe the guest.

6. Create a selfie booth

Selfies are in the wishlist of everyone. So it is mandatory to create a photo booth at the event so that your friends can take the selfies. These selfies will stay like precious memories on your mobile phones. Match this selfie booth with your theme and utilize it as a prop.

7. Shake a leg with your partner

Plan a beautiful yet romantic dance with your partner. You can dedicate the songs to each other or to your family or friends. Perform the dance after you both exchange the rings.