Kite Decoration Ideas to Make Your Wedding Events More Colorful and Crafty

Kite Decoration Ideas to Make Your Wedding Events More Colorful and Crafty

Here are some Kite Decoration Ideas to Inspire your Wedding Decor:

1. The Entry Gate

Let’s begin right at the entry. It is a great idea to decorate the entry gate with dangling kites. It fills a splash of color and sets the mood right. You can incorporate other decor elements to the entry. Also, you can use different colorful kites: some dangling and some pinned to the fabric forming the entry. For cascading look, you can use kites that have a long colorful tail as danglers.

2. Ceiling Decor

If you are creating a fabric ceiling, you can hang kites from the ceiling for gorgeous ceiling decor. These kites will create beautiful decor as it moves freely with the wind and creates a splash of colors all over the wedding venue. You can also go for different colored kites for a plain ceiling or multicolored ones to match the decor.

3. Photo booth

Nowadays, photo-booth has become a popular wedding decor trend. Also, adding a curtain of colorful kites as the backdrop could be just the icing on the cake! This will result as a stunning corner at your wedding function. This place will be filled with a number of people because everyone want to take some cool wedding selfies.

4. Table Decor

It easy, economical and an excellent table decor idea to use kites as table mats. It just not look great but also adds a pop of color to the tables and you can do away with boring place-mats.

5. Stage Backdrop

As most of the color picture will be taken right here. Thus, stage backdrop decor must be planned very carefully. Using kites, along with other decor elements which can complement one another could be an awesome pick. You can opt two to three different colors to build a beautiful wall of kites that boost your decor. It also adds a beautiful backdrop for your pictures.

6. The Archway

A beautiful archway can grab the attention of your wedding. Use colorful fabric or dupattas along with kites to create an archway. It is a great way to make the decor and the couple stand out as it creates a fantastic frame around the couple. The kites incorporated in the decor will add the perfect amount of quirk and creativity.

7. Dressing Up Plain Corners

Most wedding decorators give many fabric options that can be used as tablecloths, tents and all kinds of furnishings. But sadly, most of these options are plain and lack attention. You can give attention to any corner with kite decoration ideas. Just string some kites together and pin it to the plain fabric to give a different look and make it attractive.

8. Strings and Streamers

Just put together some colorful kites and hang them around as streamers. This will create a beautiful decor that stands out and makes a statement. You can use various colors, sizes, shapes and prints to add a dramatic look. You can also add plain simple kites that add character to the whole venue.

9. Stalls and Carts

Adding stalls and carts in different corners is not a new idea, but how you make these stand out makes all the difference. A small stall with bangles and small gifts at a Mehndi function, a cart with sweets Dabbas for the guests, the mouthwatering Gol Gappa stall; each and every stall and cart can easily be decorated with kites. You can use small kites made with craft paper to incorporate color and fills to these corners.