Modern & Traditional Haldi Ceremony Decor Ideas We Recommend

Modern & Traditional Haldi Ceremony Decor Ideas We Recommend

Gone are the days when Haldi ceremony is considered as the small function now we've been witnessing a lot of couples taking this function to all new levels. We admit that this ceremony is the not-so-elaborated function as compared to other weddings functions.

But the fact, it has the most scope of utmost fun and jazz. So, all you need to ensure of is, you have the right vibe involved in the ceremony. And here THE right vibe (after your family & friends or loved ones) is, of course, THE DECOR.

We scooped the Internet and found out a few fascinating ideas to jazz up your Haldi ceremony:


1. Encyclopedia Decor for a unique Dimension



2. Contemporary Decor condiment with Garden view



3. Fan of Bohemia? Go for it!! (Bohemian Style Rocks)



4. Pool-side haldi *Take a dip*



5. Attractive Origami Shenanigans



6. Condiment Yellow Color with bright colors



7. Genda Phool and Morgas brings the Traditional look



8. Bangles and Kaleeras Everywhere



9. Nothing like Pin-wheels & Pom Poms



10. Opt homely look and go for Chaar-pai and Cusions



11. Install Flower or animals in the Decoration



12. Match the theme with Vibrant & Fresh Table pieces



13. Take the feel of Picnic-y Vibe