Phoolon ki Chaadar: Your Guide for a Breathtaking Bridal Entry!

Phoolon ki Chaadar: Your Guide for a Breathtaking Bridal Entry!

Dressed in a heavy lehenga and decked up with gorgeous jewelery, when a bride walks towards her groom, the complete beauty of this entire moment is genuinely precious and worth capturing. Also, this beauty certainly doubles up when this auspicious walk is under a splendid phoolon ki chaadar.

Right from where to buy phoolon ki chaadar from, to directing you what factors to keep in mind while selecting one, we have gathered all the information you might need regarding your wedding. And of course, there's a fascinating gallery of amazing designs in the end.

How is the phoolon ki chaadar sourced?

1. Just do not miss out while speaking with the wedding decorator about this tiny yet important detail. What kind of a phoolon ki chaadar you want and what flowers you want in it – discuss it all, so that they can make it accordingly.

2. You can also get your phoolon ki chaadar made by a florist (local or renowned).

3. DIY phoolon ki chaadars is also in trend now. Many brides are swearing by this in-vogue trend. Right from ornamenting the chaadar with kaleeras, pom-poms and tassels to LED lights, there are many ways you to DIY your phoolon ki chaadar.

Factors to keep in mind while deciding your phoolon ki chaadar

Choosing a right floral canopy a.k.a phoolon ki chaadar, can up your bridal entry game and add an abundance of charm to your wedding photographs. So, here are a few factors that you must keep in mind while selecting your phoolon ki chaadar.

1. Don't make it look too bulky as an over bulky phoolon ki chaadar can overshadow the bride.

2. Color coordinate your phoolon ki chaadar with the brides' lehanga for awesome photos!

3. Ensure it accompany the overall vicinity of your venue. Keep away from having a mogra phoolon ki chaadar if your wedding decor doesn't comprise of mogras.

4. You can reject the flowers at all and walk the aisle under a dupatta. You can follow the path of Deepika Padukone. it gives a traditional look.

5. Consider having long support sticks at the corners of the chaadar. It is easy to hold it without stretching the arms.

There’s a lot to choose from!

Be it a traditional floral chaadars or the creative ones with unique elements, there's a wide variety of phoolon ki chaadars for the brides to choose from.

Have a look at the following ones:

Loaded with Roses

The one embellished with beautiful Golden Kaleeras

Beautifully with Money Plant Trails

Draped with Pastel Flowers

Zany Umbrella draped with Flowers

Decked up with Red Blooms

Quirky Floral Mesh

Under a Red Dupatta

Go pastel!

Ignite with LED Lights

Dazzling Tassels engrave on a Dupatta