Simple And Cute Decor Hacks That Won't Burn Your Pockets!

Simple And Cute Decor Hacks That Won't Burn Your Pockets!

Below mentioned are a few smart ideas to use all those junk pieces lying under sheets of dust! Now's the time to bring them out, just give them a makeover and prepare for the show!

These Cute Wide Jars That Are So Aesthetic

Use all those Nutella boxes at your wedding, yes! Just paint them in pretty colors, matching the theme of your wedding, or you can use plain jars for the minimalist look.

Or How About Cute Little Teapots & Teacups?

Yes, these teapots and cups come handy, but they would also look SO CUTE in all those pretty and beautiful colors- almost as if straight out of a pretend game!


Every girl collects bangles all their life. But only a few of them you wear. So incorporate them for your wedding decoration! You can hang them to a tree, use them as table centerpieces or make chandeliers out of them – just get creative!

Paper Flowers For The Wedding

Experiment with paper as much as you can – paper fans, paper walls, table decorations made out of paper... the list is endless, so are the options!

The Tree Wraps

Fairy-lights And A Cute Tent

It will only cost you the current bill – but that's how you make simple things work!

How About Reusing Those Old Wooden Racks?

Use old wooden racks and boxes. You can use them by giving them a new makeover. Splash them with colorful paints and use them for corner decor! Also, add some flowers in complementary colors or tiny, cute showpieces to enhance their appearance!

Parisian Themed Flower Pots

Wrap ordinary bottles and cans to add chutzpa. It is the easiest way. Use beautiful wrapping paper.

Floral Photobooths, Anyone?

No one can ever go wrong with Genda phool. You can create marigold frames for a bigger impact. This will utilize more space and create better designs. Oh and better photo booths!

Gota Tassels And Bunches That Are Perfect For A Day Celebration

An easy way to do this to hang a Bunches of gotta - keep your decor maintenance and effortless!

Lantern Magic

Buy a few lanterns at Homecentre or Big Bazaar, even Amazon. Fill them with flowers and leaves – See what you have created.

Easy Peasy Centrepiece

This one's a winner for its sheer uniqueness. Wine glasses turned upside down with flowers underneath alongside tea lights – and this is the way we like things!

Balloon Decor

Make a wall by adding pom-pom. Also, it's cheap and best!

Use fun things to up the ante like gumboots!

It's really a brilliant idea to use gumboots in a useful, innovative and resourceful way. All you have to do is to get a few, stuff them with some flowers.