Trending Indian Wedding Decoration Themes that will rock in 2019

Trending Indian Wedding Decoration Themes that will rock in 2019

Looking for the trendy wedding decor?

You are at the right place. We all have dream't about our dream wedding ever since we were in our childhood. Thus, getting the best and perfect wedding decor is on the top of the list. You can not compromise with the decor. Well, we have gathered some of the best trending wedding decoration ideas that will rock in 2019. Have a look at the ideas!

1)  Color-coordinated wedding decoration themes is never a bad idea

Opting color-coordinated wedding decoration theme is a perfect choice. You can choose all ivory decor or can choose gold and red combination. Choose the color-coordinated outfits. The wedding backdrop will not only compliment the couple but the wedding pictures as well.

2)  Are you a bohemian fan? If yes, then this wedding decor is for you

Bohemian style wedding decor looks perfect at exotic destinations like Bali, Morocco, etc. The bohemian style includes dream catchers, wind chimes and colorful umbrellas. This wedding decor represents the carefree and adventurous spirit of the couple.

3)  Go Green at your wedding

One thing is most common in the 2019 weddings and i.e. indoor plants. They just set the right mood for the wedding and create a great ambiance. Incorporate some beautiful indoor plants and climbers in the wedding functions. This is unique and classic wedding theme for the wedding.

4)  Incorporate bright and vibrant colors in the wedding

If you like the peppy and vibrant color then you will love this idea. Add some Frisky pom poms, multicolored bunting and origami in vibrant colors in the pre-wedding functions. It will create a vibrant backdrop for the wedding pictures.

5)  Punjabi Desi Style Wedding theme

This theme adds a lot of Desi Masala in the wedding. Ditch the regular seating style and go for Charpais and adorn the backdrop with the phulkari Dupattas. Also, serve the food in the traditional tamba utensils. Give your bridesmaids some beautiful parandis and wedding favors!

6)  Amp up the winter wedding with candles and fairy lights

Lots of weddings happen in the winter. Candles and fairy lights not only create a cozy ambiance but also light the whole wedding venue. Be it the entrance or the mandap, use tiki torches and diyas to light up the wedding venue.

7)  Experience the royal feel in the wedding

Incorporating Gota, Bandhan, motifs having paisley and animal prints gives the total royal feel in the wedding. No matter where you are organizing the wedding just make sure to add some Rajasthani elements in the wedding. That means you do not need to travel to Rajasthan, their elements are enough. If you want to throw a big fat Indian wedding, go to places like Jaipur, Udaipur, etc and experience the royal feel of your wedding.

8)  Tech Savvy wedding theme

There are infinite options for you like an Interactive selfie booth, fancy light, and video projectors, a live check to instantly update the special moments from the wedding on Instagram. The list is quite long. If the couple is tech freak, then these ideas are specially for them. Surprise your guests and bridesmaids with these ideas.

9)  Bollywood wedding theme

If you are a little filmy then you can incorporate this theme in your wedding. You can dress like your favorite Bollywood star. Go for some bright, glittery decor which gives the proper Bollywood feel to the guests. Use some props like a cardboard cutout of the famous Bollywood stars, like Amitabh Bachan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, etc.

10)  South Indian Inspired Wedding decor

If you want to explore South Indian culture, then you must try this idea. From the main stage decoration to the pandal decoration, add a huge amount of jasmine flowers to decorate them. Also introduce, rangoli made from kumkum and white pigments. Give an authentic vibe to the wedding by incorporating some hues of white, red and gold.